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Here at the SEC, we’re working together to deliver renewable, affordable, reliable energy for all Victorians.

We’re a government-owned renewable energy company, focusing on:

  • Investing in renewable energy and storage projects that accelerate the transition and deliver commercial returns.
  • Supporting households to go all-electric to reduce their energy bills and emissions.
  • Building the renewable energy workforce our energy transition requires.

We're partnering with industry to transform the energy sector, driving further innovation and investments in renewables. This includes an initial $1 billion towards delivering 4.5 GW of new renewable energy and storage projects – the equivalent replacement capacity of coal-fired power station Loy Yang A, which is set to close in 2035.

We'll play an important role in helping Victorian households to reduce their energy bills and emissions by offering simple and practical solutions to help them switch to all-electric.

The energy transformation will create thousands of jobs. We'll help address the need for new skills in solar, wind, storage small-scale energy solutions and emerging technologies, by working with schools, TAFEs and other educational institutions to support the development of training and skills to build the renewable energy workforce of the future.

Supporting a renewable energy future

The SEC is accelerating Victoria’s energy transition. Our work will help build a more reliable, affordable, renewable energy future and ensure Victorians can access the benefits of the transition. Discover what the future will look like.

Our purpose

Working together for renewable, affordable, reliable energy for all Victorians.

Our vision

Accelerate Victoria's transition to an affordable, reliable, equitable and zero-emissions electricity system that enables decarbonisation across the economy, in partnership with Traditional Owners, the private sector and in coordination with government initiatives.

Our strategic pillars

Invest to accelerate the energy transition

Invest in new renewable energy and storage projects that accelerate the transition and help deliver affordable, reliable energy for Victorians, while achieving sustainable financial returns.

Support the switch to all-electric households

Supply Victorians with simple and effective solutions that help them to reduce their energy costs and emissions, starting with the electrification of their home.

Build a renewable energy workforce

Support the attraction, training and retention of a skilled renewable energy workforce, including through the SEC Centre of Training Excellence.

Our values


We’ll accelerate an orderly energy transition, bringing together Traditional Owners, investors, public and private sectors, and all Victorians.


We’ll be open-minded, pragmatic and value agility in our partnerships, investments and operations.


We’ll share openly and honestly, earning the trust and support of our partners and the community, and ensuring equity and integrity in what and how we deliver for Victorians.

Our guiding principles

Public purpose

Ensuring more Victorians benefit from the renewable energy transition.

Market enablement

Unlocking opportunities and increasing market investment to address system needs.

Sustainable Financial Returns

Investing Victorians’ money wisely to deliver sustainable returns.

In partnership with First Nations People

We are committed to Aboriginal self-determination and have been working with Traditional Owner Corporations to develop a set of principles to guide our operations and relationship with Victoria’s First Peoples. The five guiding principles are:

Recognising, prioritising and embedding the unique knowledge and wisdom of Traditional Owners, which includes caring for and speaking for Country.

Establishing a renewed relationship with First Peoples in Victoria to ensure that First Peoples can share in the benefits of Victoria’s renewable energy transformation.

Empowering Traditional Owners and Victorian Aboriginal communities to identify their evolving aspirations and determine their relationship with the SEC.

Embedding governance principles, policies and processes to ensure the collective support anddecision-making of First Peoples.

Ensuring Victoria’s energy transition preserves, restores and strengthens the rights of Traditional Owners and does not diminish the rights that have been secured to date.